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austin seo servicesOne of digital marketing’s essential components is search engine optimization or SEO. Millions of people conduct searches to find information about products and services for both commercial and residential use every year. Online search is one of today’s primary resource to produce and drive targeted digital traffic to your site simply because the world wide web dominates all other traditional marketing channels. Therefore, ranking higher in online searches can have a massive financial impact on your business’ net income. 

In recent years, the way these search results works is continuously changing and evolving to give users more specific products and information. Features like knowledge panels and rich results in the results pages can boost your online presence or visibility by giving your users more information about your business or company directly in the search results.

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If you are still unsure of getting professional SEO services, the following may convince you. Some of the benefits of an SEO strategy are:

1. Enhanced digital marketing ROI. Inevitably, investing in digital marketing means expecting the highest return on investment (ROI) possible. A competitive SEO strategy can yield an impressive ROI. Traditional marketing generates about two percent for new leads, while an SEO-optimized site can produce a rate of 15 percent.  This additional increase in revenue is highly dependent on SEO. No user will check page two, three, or four in the search engine results pages. According to the study, consumers stick to the first page of results and click the first link on the page. When your site does not appear on this spot, you lose the chances of generating leads from Google or any other search engine.

2. Increased credibility. Search engines like Google use algorithms to rank your site based on several factors that they created. When your site appears on top of the search engine results pages or SERPs, that means Google trusts your site. By using the ranking factors, Google filters your search results, such as “spammy” websites, and provides you with the most accurate and reliable information. These “spammy” websites give you unwanted and unsolicited information, which is a nuisance and is one reason why most online users stick to the first page of search results. 

These ranking signals or factors prove or validate that your site is reliable and trustworthy. It also establishes that your site answers their queries or gives them the specific product or service they are looking for.

Another way to increase your credibility is to optimize your GMB or Google My Business listing. When your GMB is optimized, it gives your company a boost in credibility because a company with complete details like location, operating hours, phone numbers, and even a brief company description shows a sense of professionalism and expertise. GMB assures the users that they can trust your site – more so your product and service. 

Part of an optimized GMB listing is featuring reviews from Google users. Consumers, over the years, have given great importance to reviews. Product or service reviews reinforce their decision of whether to buy or not to buy your product. It makes an SEO-optimized GMB a critical factor in driving sales.

3. High-quality traffic. High-quality traffic means that you have your target users’ full attention. That is right – not partially as when they see a billboard or a TV ad while driving to work or watching TV. They are the ones looking for you – not by chance, like what traditional marketing offers typically. Because you have their full attention online, they are more likely to act on CTAs or calls-to-action and ultimately make a purchase. This huge difference is what makes SEO successful.

4. Measurable success – in real-time. When your digital marketing involves SEO strategies and tactics, it enables you to measure and monitor your marketing success with real numbers. On top of this, you can access or retrieve your marketing analytics in real-time. When you use Google Analytics and other similar tools, it’s easier and quicker to evaluate your SEO strategies’ performance. Some of the performance factors to monitor are conversions, traffic, time on site, and bounce rate. You can better track your SEO strategies with the use of marketing software. Such can enhance your SEO approach because it provides you insights and measures your digital marketing ROI.

5. 24/7 Online promotion. Yes, that is correct. SEO can promote your business 24/7. SEO marketing increases your visibility online. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, SEO strategies create a platform where your site is always available for them. It reinforces your ability to connect with your users at their timing and convenience. By being available all the time, you are promoting your company to them – and the better news is, you do it when they search for you!

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seo services austin txAt Texas Hill Country SEO, we give you the best SEO services. Our SEO strategy carefully takes account of the following:

  • Content and keywords
  • Engine crawling
  • Link building
  • Domains & URLs
  • Duplicate content
  • Mobile search
  • Site migration
  • Titles and descriptions
  • Sitemaps 

The next pages will explain how these contribute and control the success or failure of your business online.

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If you’re not yet sure if you need to invest in search engine optimization, give us a call today. Our team of experienced SEO experts will gladly discuss with you and clarify your doubts. 

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