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austin texas web developmentWebsite performance considers several factors simultaneously. If you want to land at the very top of the search engine results pages or SERPs, it takes more than just SEO. You need a well-designed website, or you risk losing leverage that you have been establishing. They work effortlessly, complementing each other to achieve your business goal, which is to drive sales. When these two are correctly executed, users begin to engage with your website, navigate through your pages, and in so doing, compel them to make a purchase.

SEO and web development work together in these significant areas:

Readability. Whether it is on a desktop or any mobile device, readability spells the difference. If your content is difficult to read, no user will engage with your site. Web developers who understand SEO will agree. Poorly designed text style and misplaced content in your web pages, even with too many irrelevant and inappropriate hyperlinks, can terminate user engagement as quickly as clicking the link to your site in the SERPs. 

Speed. Page speed, as everyone knows, is a ranking signal. It is not only important to users but also to search engines like Google. Your website speed influences “crawlability.” An SEO strategy for page speed may include optimizing images and videos, allowing browser caching, and eliminating browser caching, which are best executed by a web developer who is an SEO expert.

Mobile-friendliness. In the recent past, Google made mobile-friendliness a ranking factor as more web traffic is generated through mobile devices. If your website design is not mobile-friendly, chances are you will lose both potential and existing customers.

Sitemaps. An SEO-optimized sitemap creates an avenue where you can influence search engines like Google to recognize which pages are relevant and essential to your site. Web design can affect how Google crawls to your website as sitemaps give search engines a guide to your web pages’ content.

Trustworthiness. Web design should not only be visually cohesive but user-friendly, most importantly. These two play a crucial role in gaining users’ trust. A well designed and updated website with an impeccable user interface and navigation will surely get your users glued to your website.

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web development company austin txPart of Texas Hill Country SEO services is the optimization of web development. We are also a web development company Austin TX that offers this service. SEO and web development should not be treated separately if the ultimate goal is to generate conversions and leads. The best Austin Texas web development is right in front of you. And we, at Texas Hill Country SEO, guarantees a successful SEO-optimized web design to offer your users the best experience and give back to your business the highest revenue possible!

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